A new approach to the Cadet of the Year Awards

Posted on 31st January, 2024

Trustees are delighted to announce that BDWM will once again be sponsoring the S&WM(NS)ACF Cadet of the Year Award.

This year, senior officers will identify a Company Cadet of the Year from the Detachments making up each of the four companies within the S&WM(NS)ACF. The criteria for the award includes:-

Acts of exceptional good citizenship within the previous calendar year

Significant contribution to the positive reputation of the S&WM(NS)ACF

Overcoming of significant barriers to progression within the S&WM(NS)ACF

Achieved exceptional progression within the S&WM(NS)ACF

Each of the four Company Cadets of the Year will receive a cash prize of £100 presented to them by the Commandant, The Chair of Trustees and a representative from BDWM. Each of the four recipients of the award will have their names added to a Company shield which will be presented at the ACF Annual Camp in the summer of 2024.

A County Cadet of the Year will be chosen from the four company award winners as the cadet who has excelled over and above all other serving cadets during 2023. The County Cadet of the Year will be presented with their award by the Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire at our annual Regimental Dinner in March 2024. In addition to a signed certificate the County Cadet of the Year will receive an additional £100 prize.

The Trustees are grateful to Mr Bobby Dhanjal from BDWM for his kind generosity and for his continued support of this prestigious award. BDWM provide a range of financial support services for individuals, families and businesses across the midlands, details of which can be found on their website at

Pictured is Cadet of the Year 2023, Cadet RSM Harnaam Singh , receiving his award from the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Mr Ian Dudson CBE KStJ.