The Friends Cadet of the Year Awards 2024

Posted on 24th March, 2024

Thanks to the kind generosity of Mr Bobby Dhanjal of BDWM Wealth Management, the Friends have recently awarded the Friends of S&WM(NS)ACF Trust Company Cadet of the Year to four of our outstanding cadets, one from each of the Companies that make up the S&WM(NS)ACF.

The winners were chosen, from over 900 eligible ACF Cadets, by the Senior Officers against the following criteria:-

  • Acts of exceptional good citizenship within the previous calendar year
  • Significant contribution to the positive reputation of the S&WM(NS)ACF
  • Overcoming of significant barriers to progression within the S&WM(NS)ACF
  • Achieved exceptional progression within the S&WM(NS)ACF

The winners of these awards were announced at a recent event held at the ACF Headquarters at Beaconside, Stafford to which parents/guardians were invited to hear the citations for each being read out. The presentation were made by the S&WM(NS)ACF Commandant, Col Chris Edwards, and the Chair of the Friends Trust, Mr Graham Morley.

The winners of the Friends of S&WM(NS)ACF Trust Company Cadet of the Year Award 2024 are:-

  • Company A – Cadet Liam Walker
  • Company B – Cadet Cpl Eva Jacques
  • Company C – Cadet SSgt Maddie Dennis
  • Company D – Cadet Dean Mitchell-James

From L to R: Commandant Col Edwards, Cdt Cpl Eva Jaques, Cdt Sgt Maddie Dennis and Cdt Liam Walker

Cdt Dean Mitchell-James being presented with his award by SMI Walker











Each of these cadets received a cheque for £100 and each will be presented to the entire ACF troop at the forthcoming annual camp in August.

From these four outstanding cadets, a County Cadet of the Year was chosen as the cadet who has above all others met the above criteria and who is a leading example of all that being a S&WM(NS)ACF Cadet entails. The County Cadet of the year is announced at the Friends annual regimental dinner and the award presented by His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Mr Ian Dudson.

The Friends of S&WM(NS)ACF Trust County Cadet of the Year 2024 is Cadet Staff Sergeant M Dennis, pictured left with the Commandant Col Edwards and the Chair of the Friends Trust, Mr G Morley, who receives a further £100 plus an iPad.